Monday, February 16, 2009


P5 camp wasnt too bad!
I was in grp6 and my trainer is not strict at all her name is camelle.
it was actually quiet fun!!to ME unlike you guys out there the food wasnt as bad as i expected but i agree the veg there was TERRIBLE i tell you TERRIBLE!
i liked the chicken nuggets and the sausages though it had chilli which i will die eating (joking) (but i realy hate chilli too hot for me:) )sounds wierd because i am a indian and they usualy take alot of chilli but no i dont.anyway i liked most of the activities like abseiling,high elements and nothing.i sadly did not get to do the rock climbing like grp5(i was paired up with grp5) the first time it was raining the second time there was no more time:(:(.

the campfire was one of the things i liked the was realy fun!you have to do a skit and my grp did a realy good one it was the henry park idol. the sarimbun monkeys were realy funny i laughed like crazy.i was simon cowell the evil,critisizing judge.i also liked the skippinng with the big big rope activity it was actualy quite fun.But the only reason i like it is because when we did solo skipping with the big big rope i beat the girls by 10 skips!very WIERD.

jeremy khoo=jk jeremy thay =jt ok!

i was happy to be in grp6 because my good friends jeremy thay and khoo were there.i jeremy thay and khoo and marcel were sleeping on the bottom right hand corner.and sadly jeremy thay
got attacked when we were sleeping by jeremy khoo!jk when he was sleeping kept moving towards jt so jt who is awake has to keep going away.then soon jk was already sleeping on jt's sleeping bag!a few minutes after that all 4 of us at the right bottom corner woke up it was about 3:30am we sat up and heard people snoring and even saw people sleepwalking!it was so funny! and sometimes peoples underwear and stuff drop on us from upstairs it was so funny but we tried not to laugh so we wont wake the others up.

but the funniest part was when jt and marcel thought the camp chief was coming and jk was playing with his torchlight with a radio and alarm(siren)so jt quickly push jk's torchlight to switch it off.then jt actualy accidentaly switched on the siren then suddenely you hear something going
"twee twee twee!!!"very loudly then we all controlled our layghter and laughed softly still thinking that camp chief was coming! we could even see people sleep walking!and you can hear people snoring so loudly too!so basicly we had lots of fun early in the morning

i wiill edit this later bye